Excerpts from the Vilateyname of Haji Bektash



Hunkâr Haji Bektash Veli's showing the Mark to the Pirs of Khorasan

After Lokman Perende had returned from the hajj, the erenler (saints) of Khorasan came to offer him their respects. When they saw a spring flowing from the middle of the mekteb, they said, "We have been here before many times and had never seen such spring." Lokman Perende replied, "This is by the blessings of Hunkar Haji Bektash." The erenler asked, "Who is this Hunkar Haji Bektash?" Lokman Perende said, "Haji Bektash Hunkar is this beloved one," and he then pointed to the young Bektash. The erenler said, "That one is still a child. How on earth could he become a haji?" Lokman Perende then described to the gathering the all of the miracles of Haji Bektash one by one and then said, "While I was performing my namaz at the Ka?bah, Bektash was always there praying next to me. When we completed our namaz, he would vanished." The erenler said, "Where could this boy have found this extraordinary capability?" Then Hunkar Haji Bektash opened his blessed mouth and said, "I am the secret of the exalted Imam Ali, who is the dispenser of the River Kawthar and who is the Lion of Allah, the Emperor of Sainthood and  the Commander of the Faithful. My origin and family line is from him. These many miracles are my inheritance which is granted by Allah. It should not be surprising to anyone that miracles like these appear from me, for this is the Power of God."

erenler of Khorasan said, "If, in reality, you are the secret of the Shah, he has marks. Show these marks to us and we shall believe." Now the sign of Hazreti Ali was this; in the middle of his blessed hand he had a beautiful mole of emerald tone. So Hazreti Hunkar Haji Bektash Veli opened his sanctified hand and showed his palm. They all saw that there, in the middle his palm, was a beautiful emerald mole. The erenler said, "The Commander of the Faithful also had a beautiful emerald mole on his blessed forehead." Hunkar Haji Bektash Veli removed the skull cap from his blessed head and all saw a divinely illuminated mole of emerald tint between his brow. All of the erenler begged for forgiveness, saying, "O Dervish of the Dervishes, we have been sorely mistaken." They surrendered to him asserting, "These are indeed miracles."



Hacı Bektaş & Seyit Mahmud Hayrani

Hacı Bektaş’ reputation spread in every direction and from every side people were coming to see him. There was an eren in Akşehir and they called him Seyyid Mahmud Hayrani. This eren mounted a lion and, using a poisonous snake as a whip, set out on the road with three hundred Mevlevi dervishes to see the Hunkar.

When the band approached Soluca Karahüyük, the Hunkar was informed of this event. They said, “He is nearing the Ridge of the Alevis!” The Hunkar calmly said, “That man who is coming has mounted a living thing. We will mount something without life.” There was a red boulder next to the Kızıl Halvet, and it was as big as a stable's stall. He immediately mounted on top of that stone and said, "O precious stone, with the permission of Allah, walk to that eren who is coming.” The stone soon made a noise like a flying bird and began to move towards the Ridge of the Alevis. The crown of that stone, in its present state, still resembles a bird.

As Seyyid Mahmud Hayrani was coming from the other side, with a snake in his hand, riding upon a lion, he looked and saw that the Hunkar had mounted a lifeless stone. He had made it move, and was approaching. Mahmud Hayrani got off the lion and exclaimed, “In the gaze of the Eren, we have been insolent and disrespectful!” He threw away the snake and said, “We have come rather impudently into the gaze of the Eren!" He approached the Hunkar and the Hunkar said to the stone, “Stop!” The stone stopped. Seyyid Mahmud and the dervishes fell at the hands and feet of the Hunkar.

They sat at the foot of that Tekke-Kaya, and for exactly one week they conversed. They ate and drank, and they performed sema’ and enjoyed. From everywhere muhibs and aşiks came from their tasks. After one week, Seyyid Mahmud Hayrani stood in the posture of repentance and requested permission to depart. The Hunkar said, "My Hayrani! Walk! We send you back to the place where you came from. May that place be your livelihood.” After Seyyid Mahmud Hayrani, received the nazar from the Eren, he bade farewell and departed, walking towards Akşehir.

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