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Joke 1
Joke 1

One day some people asked a Bektashi baba, “Why doesn’t our dear baba keep the Ramazan fast?”  The Baba replied, “By Allah I would, but my condition doesn’t allow it.” One of the men asked, “If someone who was fasting invited you to an iftar would you go?” “Ah! Without doubt!” responded the baba. Another in the group exclaimed, “My God! You don’t follow any of Allah’s regulations yourself yet you are so eager to accept an invitation to eat from one of Allah’s obedient servants?” The baba countered, “Why do you reprimand me? You all know that Allah is the Most Merciful of the merciful. He forgives with ease all those who spurn His call. But are the human beings like that? For the least of reasons, they are insulted and dishonoured. Because of that it’s necessary to accept their invitations immediately!”

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